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6/28/18 Day 340 AT Day 100 Leroy Smith Shelter to Delaware Water Gap Church Hostel

Miles: 20.8 Steps: 49,465 Elevation Gain: 2,313 feet Another great day! I woke up with my foot feeling great and wanting to push some miles. A donation based hostel, as well as a Murph and Taylor were about 20 miles ahead so I thought I’d go for it... Some beautiful scenery coming into Delaware water Gap, with expansive views down to the river. This section of the AT followed a ridgeline for an extremely long time, making me think of how tall these mountains must have been millions of years ago. Need to read some geology texts and see what the estimates are... I arrived at Delaware Water Gap and it was nice to reunite with Murph and Taylor. Luckily I arrived on a Thursday which means a huge community pot luck thrown by the church for hikers! Thank you so much! An incredible assortment of corn on the cob, pizza, beans, all sorts of salad, hot dogs, homemade ice cream, and so much more. Amazingly good, thanks so much for your generosity!!! There was also a jazz club (of all things) in this cute tiny community. I went with a few other hikers and enjoyed the live music and had a single beer. I also somehow managed to spill my water all over the floor: oops! Had an amazing evening and headed back to my tent. Another great day out here!

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