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6/16/18 Day 328 AT Day 90:  Darlington Shelter to Duncannon, PA

Miles: 13 Steps: 31,959 Elevation Gain: 2,000 feet Another great day! Started off with a moderate day into Duncannon, PA, hike of the famous hiker hotel: The Doyle! Some cool views coming into town and a large group of Amish folks was the highlight of the hike to town. Once in town life was great! A quick beer at the Doyle Bar, an incredibly high pressure shower on the fourth floor of the $25/night private room at the Doyle Hotel. The restrooms are old and a bit dirty, but the water pressure was just amazing!!! The room was pretty nice too for only $25! There was an Appalachian Trail hiker festival going on that was pretty interesting. Honestly it looked like most of the vendors were Disappointed at the lack of crowds, but the band was unusual which I liked and I purchased some tasty food and kettle corn (I love Kettle Corn!) Went out on the town for a bit. First started at The Doyle for food and a couple beers then headed to The Pub down the street. Didn’t get too wild, but it was nice to have a few drinks and have fun! Going to take a day off tomorrow, wooo!

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