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Day 13: 12/5/17  Red Canyon to Bear Valley RV Park

Miles: 17.5 Steps: 33,087 Vertical gain: 260 feet Liquid consumed: 72 oz. Wildlife: a donkey, cattle, 3 dogs that almost ran into the road Curious of my presence, a donkey. Faith in Humanity: Met a few nice people while eating at Subway, story below. I’m like the unexpected worst nightmare for all you can eat places. I’m fairly thin and somewhat clean cut, but little do they know.... I can eat! This morning at breakfast I had 3 muffins, a waffle with syrup, 6 pieces of toast, a bowl of cereal, several glasses of OJ and more! And it felt glorious! Mmmmm. I relaxed in my room a bit and then got ready to leave. Packed up my pack as I’ve done so many days before, mentally prepared for a full day of Riad walking, and I was off! Brrr, the cold hit again as I left. The river by the road was pretty frozen. My body has acclimated a bit since yesterday, but today I’m on a busier, faster road. What’s that mean? Big rigs. With two trailers. Each time one passes there’s a huge gush if freezing, below freezing, wind. I’d try to turn away but still got hit. After 7 miles I was in the cute little town of Panguitch, Utah. Minus the dogs just outside of town that tried to chased me, things were peaceful. There was a cool sign with a bike under it proclaiming “Small town cozy.” I paused and took a photo. I stopped at a store to buy some snacks as I’m sure it’ll be the cheapest I’ll see in the next few days. Next door was a Subway so I ate a sub. It was nice to warm up. I ended up chatting with a few nice people in Subway about my trip which was nice. A couple guys from Florida out for a bachelor party, a Subway employee, and a nice local woman too. Before long I was on my way. Leaving town there was a nice dirt path created by ATVs and farm trucks so I could avoid the Riad shoulder for a few miles. 10 miles and a tiny bit of right calf muscle pain later and I was at my destination: Bear Valley RV Park. I had called yesterday to make sure I could stay. A barricade was up stating “Closed Today”. No one else was around at all! I found my cool cabin, tiny and fun! I checked out the bathroom, laundry and showers: all very clean! I called the owner and he said he wasn’t going to come down, just leave the money in this spot and call me if you need anything. Nice guy! He probably could have gotten a few more dollars from me if he came and let me in the store, but I’m thankful I saved those few dollars, too. I hung out I. My cabin and enjoyed life. There no TV, but there is power and little heaters which is really nice. Write some journals, sent some emails, and went about my evening. The wind was really ripping outside for a while, reaffirming my choice to stay here.

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