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Day 132: 12/3/17 Bryce Canyon National Park!!! Park #10!

Miles: 10 Steps: 20,818 Vertical gain: 1,009 feet Liquid consumed: 119 oz. Wildlife: Few deer in and around the park Faith in Humanity: Met a few really nice and encouraging individuals in my way through the park. Details below. Wow, it’s hard to believe I’m in double digits for National Parks! Park #10 is one of my favorites: Bryce Canyon National Park! I love it here because the views are just magical! The bright orange/red/white Hoodoos are extremely unique and beautiful! I think I’ve been here 8 times or so and every time I really enjoy it! I’ve done nearly all the trails in the Park too; Lucky me! Weather was a bit humorous today: ultra windy and chilly! One nice thing about Weather like this: makes most people run away or stay in their cars. Even though it was a Sunday, I felt like I had the whole park to myself, so great! I decided to hike the most majestic of all the trails: the Navajo Loop. This Loop is relatively short, but it’s just incredible. If you come here, it’s in your best interest to complete the Navajo Loop. Even if it’s cold and windy, you won’t regret it! I gawked, took a bunch of photos, and generally smiled and enjoyed life. I met a really cool family from Maryland and as I passed the gentleman asked “are you walking all the parks?” I thought: What? That’s cool! This comment of course led to a 20 minute conversation about my trip and life in general. The younger woman was interested in possibly hiking the Appalachian Trail which is really cool! If you read this, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or anything, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction! Great people, thanks for the chat! I continued the breathtaking hike slowly while furiously snapping more photos. I reached the rim and took a long break on a bench. It was really cold and windy, but my amazing huge down jacket provided a warm cocoon. I chatted briefly with a few people that passed and enjoyed the view. After a bit I started to get a chill so I walked the rim trail and gawked some more. I made my way to the camp store and surprisingly they were open and more reasonably priced than the few other open places. I ordered a 16 inch pizza (that’s big!) and ate the entire thing, quite to the delight of the employee who made the pie for me! A couple walked in and was really fun to talk to in the restaurant. The two of them and the store worker were all very encouraging about my trip which was really cool. Fun to eat a huge meal, make new friends and relax for a bit. After my enormous pizza I walked to my home for the evening: a hotel! Without my tent or Winter sleeping bag, I’m honestly a little nervous for the next couple of weeks. Lows near zero with lower wind chills are right at the very limit that I feel comfortable with my current gear... so that means hotels for a bit. On the one hand yes it’s luxurious, but on the other hand I’d love to have warmer gear and just call to save money. Gotta stay safe though, we shall see how things go!

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