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Day 100: 11/1/17  Hanging our in Aspen

Miles: 0 Steps: 4,185 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: humans! Faith in Humanity: Rich is amazing for letting me crash at his place Well I wasn’t quite as productive as planned but still got a bunch done. My next section involves lots of maps, careful planning, and I’m swapping out a bunch of gear as I’ve been getting a little cold lately! I went down to the outfitter (Rich serious lives in the ultimate Hiker location: there is a really great outfitter, 2 grocery stores and a bunch of restaurants within a 5 minute walk out his door)! I washed my down sleeping bag and jackets, I planned. I tried to upload videos and didn’t do so well, not sure why. I dropped off skis at a consignment shop to sell and dropped of something for my awesome friend Shana to store at her house. Thank you!!!! Rich came home and we watched the most boring game 7 of the World Series ever. Again reinforcing why I don’t really get into sports on TV. It is fun to go to games though!

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