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Day 69: 10/01/17  Hiker Gathering Day 3

Miles: 0 Steps: 7,586 Vertical gain: 0 feet Liquid consumed: 140 oz. Wildlife: Lots of humans at the Gathering Faith in Humanity: All the amazing hikers I met and reconnected with at the Gathering were pretty awesome! Peru gave me a ride back to the “trail” too, which is awesome! Ahh, the last day of the Hiker Gathering. Super tasty breakfast then an honestly pretty boring Board meeting. I was a bit shocked more hikers didn’t dip out of it, haha. I slowly packed up my things and enjoyed the sunshine outside. Said goodbye to everyone and hit the Riad back to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Overall the Gathering was pretty awesome. Especially to go to while hiking. So much tasty food and beverages and good people. The inspiration Alone was great. So many people think I’m a bit “crazy” for my adventures, but it’s nice to be with such a larger group of people that come up with ridiculous ideas and follow through! So awesome! A little snow on the ride back, but it was sunny and super windy when I was dropped off at the store to resume my trek. Due to lack of places to camp though, I paid for a site at the Oasis and set up my tent. It was nice to relax in solitude, enjoy the views, and go to bed early. Found a nice campsite with a big tree blocking the wind which felt really nice! Almost no one here camping! The huge potentially 500 mike paved road walk continues tomorrow!

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