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Day5:  zero day in Colter Bay Grand Teton National Park

Miles: 0 (did hike 8 miles around Colter Bay though!) Steps: 19,806 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 140 oz and hydrated!!! Wildlife: squirrels, foxes Faith in Humanity: given soap at the laundromat, lots and lots of cool people met! Ahh? What a great day off! A zero day means zero mikes hiked. It's pretty humorous being homeless. It's not like I'm going to hang out in my tent all day! What did I do? Chatted people up as much as possible and generally lazed around in various spots and explored Colter Bay in many ways. Still ended up walking 7 or 8 miles, hahA Of course my body couldn't handle sleeping in so I woke up at 6am and quickly headed over to do laundry. With all the rain, wet plants, and mud, my clothes were pretty wretched after 4 days. The soap machine was broken so a nice gentleman offered me some of his: thank you! The rest of the day was spent in front of the General store, at a picnic table by the lake, at the swim beach, and a little bit at my campsite. Here are some highlights: - Met a guy from Brooklyn on RV trip, he told me all about his rear rv axel and issues he's had with it. He also offered to bring some of my gear tonJenny lane so my pack would be lighter tomorrow. Super nice offer, I declined. - In line with the cars to pay for another night of camping and one attendant told me to "please get in your car and be patient". I laughed and said I was very patient but didn't have a car then the other attendant who helped me was super cool and interested in my trip. - Charging my batteries in the laundry area I met a guy leading a boy scout trip. He was closely related to the CEO of the Appalachian Trail conservancy and even sent an email introducing us. Thanks! He was very cool to talk to. - I dried my clothes on a bench directly in front of the busy store. - I watched 5 or 6 movies in the awesome air conditioned auditorium. Several rangers laughed and thought it was hilarious. -The women at the backcountry permit office were wonderful and informative and said they'd follow along my journey, thanks! - Cashier in general store super stoked about my adventure! - Rob and family from New Jersey were great to talk to and were encouraging about trip! - Canadian couple and another family got a kick of me cooking hot dogs in my jet boil and topping them with avocados and ketchup. The couple suggested I sell them! - talked to a gentleman from Arkansas about his 2 month trip and how he swears his Prius SUV is an amazing sleeping solution and was enthusiastic about visiting national parks. He was inspirational too: in a wheelchair much of his day, he said he'd rather get out and travel then sit in front of his tv as he did back home. Good for you! - met several cool bicycle tourists. Wish I could have chatted them up more, but it's all good! - went to 2 ranger talks in the amphitheater: one on Prong horns, the other on the foundation of the park. Informative. This lake has got to be one of the coolest in the world for boating. The Tetons raise from Jackson lake so dramatically. Astounding! Long road walk tomorrow! Wooo!

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