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Day 2 7/26/17 Yellowstone: 8M2 to 8B1!

Miles: 25 Steps: 51,777 Vertical gain; Strava Liquid consumed: 136 oz Wildlife: 2 snakes, Eagle, lots of birds, lots of mosquitoes, frog, deer I slept quite well last night and felt pretty refreshed this morning. It did rain a bit last night so it was a bit hard to get out of the sleeping bag, but I managed to leave camp around 7:30, not bad! I was looking over maps last night and I think I may bail on my Teton route I originally had planned. I think I can pretty easily connect some other trails and a bit of road walking instead. I could change my mind again, but we shall see! Very quiet forest this morning. Mosquitoes weren't out either which was a relief!they did come out after a bit though so now I'm in my head net, which isn't so bad unless it's hot out. Fairly overcast this morning. Ahhh, it's 3:45pm, there's a gentle breeze and I'm sitting on the shore of a beautiful backcountry lake. Heart Lake that is. Really quite beautiful! I must say though, again today I'm exhausted! I made a mikes calculation mistake getting a permit and today is turning into a 23 mile day or so! Thankfully, the terrain has been mostly clary and I can stop worrying about permits at least tomorrow night, so that's good! Clouds of thunderstorms are looming overhead! Ok getting up and moving towards camp which is about 5 miles away now. I actually saw a decent amount of people today on the trail, mostly on the Heart Lake trail, which makes sense because that lake is just gorgeous! Oh so I also did 25 miles today. That was too much! Thankfully the terrain was all flat for the most part, but my feet got beat up. I was so exhausted! And, I'm not really sure where I am here at the end of the day, haha! I think they rerouted part of the trail and whoever labeled the signs for this campsite has a cruel sense of humor. I'm trying to be as law abiding as possible, but the signs for this campsite led me to guess. It's funny to think how much my life has changed, but honestly, I haven't had too much time to think about it! Making noise to warn the bears of my existence, and making the long mikes today had me on the go all day. Didn't eat dinner again today. Not really that hungry. I was hungry during some breaks during the day though. Guess my body's burning off some of that excess fat I built up. My pack is heavy! Going to be excited to gradually get rid of the ice ax, crampons, bear spray, bear canister, etc. even more excited to build fitness! I'm truly so confused about these signs. I wonder which the right way is to go??? Oh well, I'll figure it out in the morning! Bonnie's balm at camp!

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